How To Send A Surprise During Teacher Appreciation Week

May 02, 2020 - Written by Moriah Scoble

Teacher Appreciation Week 2020 is May 4 through 8, and teachers need kudos now more than ever. Why?

  • Teachers and students are stressed with everything they have going on personally.

  • They are struggling with the distractions of all of their relatives at home too.

  • They’re dealing with internet connectivity and 10-year-old computers.

  • Teachers somehow have to overcome all of these things and still prepare their students for the next school year.

So, let’s take full advantage of this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week and make sure every teacher you know feels appreciated. Here’s how to do it with

  1. Visit Surprise!

  2. Enter the teacher’s email address.

  3. Click on +Add Message.

  4. Record a video. You can send a message too, but a video will make an even bigger impression.

  5. Pick a prize level. By adding $25, $50, or $100, the team will work with the teacher to ensure they get the perfect gift, something like a food or wine delivery, a gift box, or account subscription. If you choose the Self-Funded option, indicate what you plan to send to them directly. If you would like to send the teacher a pizza, for example, you would need to coordinate the delivery with the teacher.

  6. Click Send Now!

  7. Repeat steps 1-6 with another teacher, don’t forget your friends and family or any childhood teachers you’re still connected with.

Sending a Surprise to a teacher will only take a few minutes, but can mean the world to them. It’s science.