Our Top Surprises During Quarantine

May 09, 2020 - Written by Moriah Scoble

Now more than ever it’s important to express our appreciation for others. Science shows that helping others also helps ourselves. It feels good to make others feel good. What better way to brighten someone’s day than with an unexpected message or gift?

Although Covid-19 has kept us at a physical distance, Surprises can bring us all closer together. Surprises like tickets to baseball games and concerts, or dinner for two at a Michelen star restaurant are, for the time being, put on pause. Today, we are offering Surprises that reflect the new normal people are living every day—a world where safety, ease and peace of mind are things to be grateful for.

We’re delighted to see the Surprises being sent and received around the world. Anybody can send a Surprise to a hero: a nurse at your local hospital, a grocery store clerk, any individual working tirelessly day after day to keep us safe, healthy and fed. You can also implement Surprise.com at work, using Surprises to drive positive goal-directed behavior.

Here are some of the most popular Surprises that a recipient can choose from on our platform:

For the parent who has turned their kitchen table into the new office and school desk: 

Surprise them with 1 month of deliveries from Hello Fresh. The time and energy they’ll save by not having to go to the grocery store is a true gift.

For any hero working tirelessly during this pandemic and needing to catch a break: 

Surprise them with 3 months of Calmbox deliveries to inspire positivity, peace and calm. 

For the individual who could use a little livening up of their environment:

Surprise them with a 3-month small plant subscription from The Sill. They’ll appreciate the easy care instructions, too. Who knows, maybe they’ll come out of quarantine with a brand new green thumb!

What People Are Saying to Heroes

It’s heartwarming to see the kind things that people are saying through Surprise a Hero even to those they don’t personally know. Here are a few inspiring messages that passed our desks:

Acknowledging the hardships someone else may be experiencing, and sharing gratitude can go a long way:

"...a heartfelt THANK YOU to you and your team of professionals who work tirelessly to support the lives of loved ones in the community and around the world through the COVID-19 pandemic. You are our HERO!"

Even if they don’t know the person:

“If you are receiving this message of gratitude, it's because I know that the crisis the world is currently going through, is being made better by your daily acts of heroism. You could be a Dr, RN, Respiratory therapist, police officer, stay at home mom, business owner take care of a community of people - regardless, in my eyes you are a HERO and I wanted to thank you for that.” 

In other cases, they could know the person very well! What special way to let a loved one know that you’re thinking about them:

“A special thank you to a valued employee, awesome to have a highly motivated self-starter husband like you! I LOVE YOU!!!!”

Introduce Surprise.com To Your Team

Surprise.com is a great way to show your team you care while driving performance. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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