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An Essential Guide to Employee Experience: Where We’ve Been and Where Your Business Should Be Today

Posted by Albert Eloyan on October 22, 2019

Employees seek meaningful work, transparent leadership, technology that empowers efficiency, and organizations that encourage and recognize creativity, learning, and collaboration. The companies that recognize and act on these criteria will win the war for talent.

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Why the Best CFOs Keep a Close Eye on Employee Engagement

Posted by Albert Eloyan on July 16, 2019

As CFO and owner of the company finances, one thing you’re sure to see in analyzing your data is that turnover is a massive drag on the balance sheet . The expense of finding and hiring top talent in a competitive job market significantly impacts your cash flow. So what ...

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10 Employee Engagement Ideas (That Will Actually Make a Difference)

Posted by Albert Eloyan on June 25, 2019

Employee engagement doesn’t have to be difficult. Still, many companies and managers miss the mark. Employees who are bored at their jobs do lackluster work and eventually leave entirely, with companies footing the bill for lost productivity and costly turnover. Then, after the long process of finding and hiring a ...

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Valerie Frederickson Joins The Advisory board

Posted by ⠀ on May 22, 2019

We are really excited to announce the appointment of Valerie Frederickson, founder and CEO of Frederickson Partners, to our Advisory Board. Valerie brings years of experience in the HR space as the founder and CEO of Frederickson Partners, the leading HR executive search and consulting firm in Silicon Valley. Valerie ...

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Your Employees Start Out So Excited. Why Doesn't It Last?

Posted by Albert Eloyan on May 06, 2019

What went wrong? What does it take for companies to keep that first-day glow from fading? Especially for upper-level or specialized positions, the expense of employee turnover is astronomical . Investing all of that time and effort to recruit and train an employee only to do it all over again ...

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