Waiving Our Subscription Fee To Recognize Courageous Individuals Battling COVID-19 And Comforting Those Affected

March 30, 2020 - Written by Surprise.com ⠀

A growing number of dedicated individuals in healthcare, research, and public service are working under extraordinary circumstances to support the battle against COVID-19. These people are working exhausting hours while placing themselves in harm's way for the benefit of others. Each is a real hero.

The Surprise.com team wanted to find a way to help this critical community but didn’t have the resources nor the expertise to produce personal protective equipment or make a significant donation. While these actions are an important part of the COVID-19 battle, we decided to use our technology to tackle a different but still important challenge: helping nurses, doctors, and other front line responders FEEL understood and supported under constant stress and in dangerous conditions. We believe it is critical to recognize these individuals.

To address this, we at Surprise.com are leveraging our expertise in behavioral economics and psychology and opening a portion of our platform to the public so members of our communities can recognize these heroes. Studies show that providing personal recognition has a dramatically positive effect on how both the senders and receivers feel. The personal nature of the message and surprise gift (optional) strengthens the connection between both the sender and receiver and creates a more lasting and memorable experience. These personal notes and surprises can be shared socially to encourage the broader community to reach out and “Surprise a Hero.”

To make this happen, Surprise.com has created a simplified version of our enterprise platform and are waiving our annual subscription fee for any community member who wishes to Surprise a Hero or comfort someone in need - perhaps their local grocery store clerk, someone on the dining staff at a retirement home, or the mail carrier. Today, anyone can visit Surprise.com and Surprise a Hero with a simple “thank you” note at no cost or include a surprise gift to recognize a front-line worker. We want to help our communities show these front-line workers how much we care.

Our concierge team has been working with a broad range of hospitals, care facilities, and research institutions to identify the best methods to engage with their front line employees to facilitate delivering Surprises. The healthcare organizations we have contacted have been extremely supportive of this initiative.

We also want to acknowledge the challenge faced by those families and friends affected by this pandemic. Specifically, workers involved with food services, public safety, transportation, and the millions more who are threatened by potential reduced work or worse yet, layoffs. We encourage you to take a moment and consider recognizing someone in need.

On behalf of the Surprise team, our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by this worldwide crisis. We are forever indebted to the heroic doctors, nurses, researchers, public health experts and public servants globally who have given every ounce of their spirit to help.

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