How To Support The Unsung Heroes Of This Pandemic

May 22, 2020 - Written by Moriah Scoble

“When I was a boy, and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” —Fred Rogers

It’s an often used, beloved quote that reminds us who to focus on, support, and lift during times of crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp relief how much we rely on our everyday heroes. Yes, the healthcare workers are risking their health, putting their lives on hold, and missing crucial family time to treat the sick. They’re undoubtedly society’s heroes. 

But what about the staff at your local grocery store? The people who pick up our trash and clean our streets? What about the first responders who keep us safe from all the dangers that aren’t COVID-19? The retail, food service, farm, and dairy workers?  These are the people who are keeping our social fabric together by showing up to work every day, usually for low pay and little recognition. Without them, society would break down.

The invisible heroes of this global pandemic are risking so much to keep us fed, clean, and safe. Their work is the oil of the society’s machinery, and it’s easy to overlook how important their efforts are to all of us amid the news, the noise, the chaos of it all. 

Here’s a list of the people who are working to serve, feed, and help us while the healthcare heroes are busy saving lives. Consider thanking them with a Surprise, and be sure to express your appreciation for them when you encounter them in your life, too.


Unsung Heroes Of The Pandemic

  • Grocery store employees

  • Police and firefighters

  • Schoolteachers, administrators, and aides

  • Mail and package carriers (USPS, FedEx, UPS)

  • Food/grocery/other delivery drives and shoppers

  • Warehouse workers packing our goods for delivery

  • Agricultural workers: farmers, laborers, meat packers, dairy workers

  • Transportation workers: bus drivers, cab and ride-share drivers

  • IT pros keeping our tech tools working and helping those who can work remotely

  • Sanitation and janitorial workers

  • Veterinarians keeping our furry friends healthy

  • Workers at essential retail businesses like home improvement and drugstores

  • Pharmacists and pharmacy workers

  • Auto mechanics and technicians

  • Bankers processing stimulus program loans for those in need

  • Food bank workers and volunteers

  • Phlebotomists and blood donor center workers

  • Security guards

It’s clear that it literally takes a village of people to keep society functioning. These workers typically aren’t paid very much, and they certainly never expected to be in harm’s way just by doing their jobs. Consider taking just a minute and sending a “virtual hug” to those doing essential work by sending them a Surprise with a gift to express your appreciation, along with a custom or pre-written message of thanks. This is especially meaningful for those unsung heroes you may know from your own life, such as your mail carrier, favorite grocery store clerk, or your child’s teacher.

And if you're a manager or supervisor at an essential business, consider signing up for and help ensure your team feels appreciated by you. When leaders express their support and appreciation, it goes a very long way to making employees feel valued—and that is especially critical during these difficult times.

We would be lost without these true, everyday, unsung heroes. Let them know what they mean to you. 🥰

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