Bonnell Aluminum
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Aligning Around Shared Values and Post Acquisition Goals
Newnan, Georgia
"SurpriseHR helps us reinforce company values, which is always important but especially as part of our rebranding. This program is one more thing we have in common across facilities. It’s becoming part of the Bonnell story."
Brook Hamilton
President, Bonnell Aluminum
After several strategic acquisitions, Bonnell Aluminum had grown significantly. Next, they needed to unite employees in working toward a shared vision that featured goals like excellence in products and service, continuous process improvement, and leadership in safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements. Recognizing employees who demonstrate these values is critical to their success, as is doing so in ways more effective than awarding certificates or gifts from a catalog. Bonnell required something unconventional that would help them to better celebrate employees and reinforce company values across their newly acquired facilities.
Bonnell Aluminum relies on SurpriseHR at three locations and plans to launch the program companywide in the near future. At each facility, managers tailor the program to their needs, finding unique opportunities to acknowledge people for behaviors that support the company’s core values. For example, at one plant, employees who volunteer to join safety action teams are recognized and surprised with a wide range of rewards and experiences customized to their interests. Bonnell Aluminum also works with SurpriseHR to help bring together locations and teams in celebrating key milestones and shared accomplishments.
Reinforced by the SurpriseHR program and a concerted focus on the company vision and goals, rebranding and unification efforts have had great success. In particular, the safety program is performing especially well, with involvement up and the incident rate continuing to fall. “Having employee-led safety teams makes a real difference in achieving our vision of being an industry leader in safety. The folks on the floor know the environment and equipment better than anyone,” says President Brook Hamilton. “That’s why we’ve made it a point to reward them for helping find ways to eliminate risk.”

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