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"We pride ourselves on making our employees feel valued at all times. Our rewards and recognition program is one of the differentiators that has helped us recruit in a competitive industry."
Alyssa Wagner
HR Business Partner
As Larson Design Group (LDG) opens new satellite offices to match their rapid growth, maintaining company culture across locations has been both a challenge and priority. Their goal is to have every employee feel personally connected to and appreciated by the company and for each office to celebrate and interact with its surrounding community. To keep growing, LDG must also battle competitors for talent in an industry with an unemployment rate near 2%.
LDG now uses the SurpriseHR program to recognize their employees who demonstrate company values, like going the extra mile to help a customer or a coworker. The thoughtful experience-based prizes have the personal touch they like, and both managers and peers can now easily nominate others for a surprise recognition. LDG also uses the program to recognize individual birthdays, team accomplishments, and company milestones.
In year one, the program had a 93% engagement rate, with LDG seeing more peer recognition than ever before. The prizes have also led to employees exploring more of their communities. “It’s important to us that our offices have a local feel. Having a concierge find local restaurants, experiences, and family fun nights for all our employees, regardless of where they live, is a big win for us,” says HR Business Partner Alyssa Rogers. On top of this, promoting their recognition and rewards program has helped LDG to attract and retain the rockstar talent driving the company’s continued growth and success.

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