Legacy Community Health
Customer since 2018
Overcoming Growing Pains to Boost Morale & Motivation
Houston, Texas
"I am very glad we entered into this relationship with SurpriseHR. Spending resources in this way is absolutely more impactful than anything we were doing before."
Ben Glisan
Chief Financial Officer
In recent years, Legacy Community Health has experienced rapid growth that has allowed them to reach more patients than ever in their communities. Yet, such rapid growth often leads to operational inefficiencies that can become pain points for employees. To combat this, Legacy’s leaders not only refocused on optimizing operations, but also began to search for an affordable and impactful way to recognize employees for their hard work and commitment to providing quality care despite any growing pains or frustrations they faced.
With cash bonuses and holiday parties failing to provide the emotional impact Legacy desired, the company began using SurpriseHR to express gratitude for their employee’s contributions to the health system. Legacy uses the program to thank employees across the company at strategic times as well as to celebrate employees who go above and beyond in their efforts. For example, knowing that changing buildings can be a disruption to daily work, Legacy recently recognized a group of employees for maintaining high productivity amidst preparations for a move to a new, larger clinic. Over time, Legacy believes that using SurpriseHR will help them to maintain high employee satisfaction and motivation as well as reduce turnover, which can be particularly costly for healthcare providers.
Employees are highly engaged in the SurpriseHR program and excited to receive surprise recognition from leadership. When frontline employees are rewarded with surprises, the resulting boost in morale and job satisfaction often extends to those who manage them as well as the providers that they support, as they are pleased to see their hard- working employees and coworkers be celebrated. “At the end of the day, you want your employees to be happy, and SurpriseHR helps us to achieve that by making sure all of our employees know that they are valued,” says Ben Glisan, CFO of Legacy Community Health.

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