University of Mount Olive
Customer since 2016
Fueling Student Success through Faculty and Staff Engagement
Mount Olive, North Carolina
Higher Education
700 full- and part-time
"This program makes employees feel like the institution is investing in them, that it cares for them, and that we are taking time to recognize what they bring to the table."
Cordelia Wilcox
HR Director
The University of Mount Olive (UMO) realizes that to provide students with the best possible experience, their staff and faculty must also have a top-notch employee experience. For UMO, this means creating and supporting a healthy work environment where employees feel connected to UMO’s mission and know that the university appreciates their contributions.
UMO has used SurpriseHR rewards and experiences for the past three years, acknowledging faculty and staff performance, work anniversaries, and personal milestones.
Faculty and staff have been tremendously enthusiastic about the program, with UMO leadership consistently getting great feedback on their employees' experiences. It's helped the university to keep productivity high and turnover low, all of which translates to a superior student experience. “I've been in HR here for 14 years, and this has been the best initiative that we've executed,” says Cordelia Wilcox, HR Director. “You can really feel the joy when you're out on campus.”

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