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From Difficult to Delighted: Engaging a Remote Workforce
Frederick, Maryland
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"Team members are thrilled to receive their rewards and then anxious for future ones. Even if they haven’t won big yet, they know that the next time they could be grand prize winners."
Cindy Srun
Director-Office Operations
Regent Education traditionally has hosted company events like happy hours and baseball game outings as one means to thank employees for their hard work and, in some years, to mitigate morale hits from reductions in force. However, as company events have become routine, employee enthusiasm has waned. At the same time, Regent Education’s workforce has grown increasingly remote. Today, nearly 40% of its employees live outside of driving distance to company headquarters. With decreasing attendance at company gatherings, leadership needed a new way to recognize and reward employees.
Understanding that showing appreciation is key to both retaining employees and increasing productivity, Regent Education began using the SurpriseHR platform in 2018 to reach its entire workforce, including remote workers. The company since has celebrated everything from work anniversaries to team accomplishments, surprising their employees with experiences like dinner for two and weekend getaways for the whole family. Recognizing the program’s impact, Regent Education is continuing to work with SurpriseHR to identify additional opportunities to engage and delight its employees.
Since kicking off the program, company morale has skyrocketed. “A recent grand prize winner shared that she’d had a really difficult morning but that receiving this unexpected recognition turned around her entire day,” says Cindy Srun, Director-Office Operations. “Our employees love the program, and these surprises make them even more excited to be part of Regent Education.”

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