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Building a United Company from Two Merged Cultures
Charolette, NC
"With the merger of our two companies, we are working on creating our new culture. The SurpriseHR program is a fun morale booster, and the employees absolutely love it."
Sherri Yowell
Director of Human Resources
Segra was formed in 2019 after the merger of Lumos Network in Virginia and Spirit Communications in South Carolina. Operating under this new identity and with more acquisitions likely ahead, Segra is crafting a unified culture that celebrates the values and goals common to all of their employees across the company. By creating a world-class culture and employee recognition program, Segra strives to become an employer of choice, where employees are enthusiastic about their contributions and where they always know that they are valued and appreciated.
Segra is using SurpriseHR to thank employees for their hard work and flexibility as the company undergoes numerous changes while melding together organizational processes and structures. At select moments and milestones during the year—such as the opening of their new headquarters in North Carolina—Segra celebrates by awarding each employee an unexpected treat from SurpriseHR. Employees are also recognized with personalized surprises on their service anniversaries and birthdays.
Since the merger, SurpriseHR has helped Segra keep morale high and mitigate the negative impacts on employees that are all too common during mergers. The SurpriseHR program is a huge hit throughout the company, and Segra’s employee recognition strategy has been key in their ability to maintain company performance and industry benchmarks in areas such as employee engagement, satisfaction, productivity, and attrition. “We’re really happy that our employees are here, and we use the SurpriseHR program to make sure they know that,” Director of Human Resources Sherri Yowell explains. “As we continue to go through changes in the future, our hope is that these things we've put into place now will help us to navigate the path ahead.”

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