How can employees without email participate?

We offer several alternatives to email for delivering Surprises that preserve the core elements of surprise and variable rewards, like customized scratch cards.

What if the employee would prefer a different reward than the one they receive?

Rewards can be exchanged for one of equal value. Surprises that are fulfilled electronically can be exchanged online. The Concierge will handle all the details associated with exchanging a premium reward for virtually any prize of comparable value that the employee would prefer.

What if a manager wants to give an employee special recognition?

Spot recognition is for ad hoc, discretionary rewards.

What kinds of occasions can we use Surprises for?

You can celebrate any occasion with Surprises. Some common ones include work anniversaries, staff birthdays, company milestones, and holidays like Valentines Day or Halloween. It’s also very effective to create an occasion – something fun and unexpected, like a bank celebrating Alexander Hamilton’s birthday. 

What are variable rewards?

Variable rewards are unpredictable – you never know what you are going to get! We set up your program according to your preferences, assigning minimum and maximum reward values, and define how your budget will be distributed across these. For example, you may select a minimum value of $10 per reward, and a max of $500, with 50% of your budget allocated to minimum vales, 30% to medium values, and 20% to max value rewards.  

Will employees need to remember a log-in to participate in SurpriseHR platform?

No log-in is required.

Can the employee select a premium reward that is not on the published menu for our location?

Absolutely! And the Concierge can offer suggestions and investigate options if you need suggestions if, for example, you know you’d like to attend a sporting event but don’t know what’s available.

Can I exchange an experiential reward for one in another location, for example if I want to include a family member who lives in another city?


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