A whole new
Employee Experience.

Surprise HR leverages behavioral economics for an entirely new way for companies to celebrate their wins, values, and people.

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Celebrating is innately human.

Ever since early man discovered fire, celebrations have been elemental to uniting human communities.

Celebrating as a group bestows a sense of belonging,
which is a crucial part of human fulfillment.

Companies often do a poor job at it

Only a select few are celebrated, with yet another plaque, knife set or gift catalog — things that utterly lack impact, while leaving others feeling overlooked and undervalued.

We propose an entirely new approach.

Turn-key Platform

Surprise HR is a simple, yet powerful tool that lets you easily deploy surprise and delight to anyone, anywhere in the world within your organization. No lengthy integrations or logins for your people to memorize.

Variable Rewards

With variable rewards, multiple prize levels are distributed randomly. Anticipation and surprise intensify and prolong positive feelings, so the excitement doesn't fade.

Impactful Experiences

Cash and physical gifts are forgettable. Experiences create lasting impact that people want to share and amplify. This creates an emotional connection with your organization.

Incredible Insights

A highly engaging experience where everyone in your organization participates, allows our platform to derive meaningful workforce insights to help you make better decisions.

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