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Employee Experience.

SurpriseHR’s mission is to emotionally connect employees to the organizations that they serve. We achieve this by fundamentally rethinking the modern employee experience from the ground up.

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The foundation of a positive employee experience is making people feel valued.

Yet, none of us do it frequently enough or
well enough because of the looming
boogeyman of adaptation.

People become accustomed to traditional reward systems, because they turn into expectation.

Salaries, bonuses, perks, benefits and
cookie-cutter rewards have become so
routine that you have to throw people off to
keep them engaged.

The way you fight this adaptation is through
the power of


Read more about the science behind Surprise from
leading behavioral economists from Stanford and Duke

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Here is how you make a great Surprise...

Pick the moments you want to celebrate.

Company Anniversary


First Day At Work



Record Revenue


Women in STEM



Independence Day


Company Values


Diversity and Inclusion

Leadership Change

Product Launch

Community Engagement

Project Kickoff

New Year's

Mergers and Acquisitions


St. Patrick's Day

Service Anniversary

On these trigger moments all of
your people get an unexpected
note from you with a message
celebrating the occasion
They play a fun and engaging game to reveal their Surprise
Their reward is then interactively customized to fit their preferred
People win unforgettable prizes that will leave a lasting impact.

AmalieTM — our Automated Core Fulfillment Engine
delivers smiles at scale.

Preference Matching

An adventurous active volcano sighting or a relaxing spa day on the beach? Different people have different tastes, so Amalie’s prize matching algorithm asks questions to learn and get better over time.

Vendor Management

Amalie manages our expansive partner network by allowing vendors to auto-bid for requested prize inventory to make sure you always get the best price for your experiences.

Global Fulfillment

From San Francisco to Frankfurt to Tokyo — Amalie automatically navigates complex fulfillment issues like compliance and tax reporting so your team doesn’t have to.
Our platform automatically tracks your program’s progress in the SurpriseHR SaaS-based portal, where you can also monitor and obtain insightful reports

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