The Platform for Employee Celebration.

Whether you're looking to recognize your people, gain meaningful workforce insights, or reinforce your values and principles, do it all with a complete and engaging employee experience platform.

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Our first and flagship product is a turn-key software as a service solution for Surprising your Employees.

Here is what the platform does...

Beautiful Employee Communication and Gameplay

A card for every occasion

Surprises are sent out over secure email or can be pushed directly to an employee's mobile phone, your company's intranet or even as a physical scratch card - whatever you prefer!

Rich and varied gameplay

Half of the fun of receiving gifts is finding what's in the box. We communicate the "surprise" to your employees joyfully and change up the games to keep them interested each time they play.

A Smart Budget Distribution Algorithm

Fixed Rewards
Intermittent Rewards
Managing the "surprise" budget to make sure "wins" are effectively distributed across your company and future "wins" take into account what happened previously. Here is how our algorithm is more than just a "spin the bottle".

Stretch your budget

We make sure it's efficiently spent to minimize cost and maximize positive feedback so you don't have to worry about spending.


Our algorithm makes sure there aren't winner hot spots in departments and geographically dispersed offices. Also, the prize parameters are configurable by you in the case there is a minimum prize threshold for a certain occasion.

Maximum Impact

We add just the right amount of uncertainty into each distribution to make sure adaptation doesn't take hold and people are always surprised and generating buzz.

Prizes and Fulfillment

Effective and impactful surprises require different prizes for different occasions. Our platform allows you to either add your own prizes or take advantage of the thousands of experiential prize vendor integrations and our magical concierge service - all of which you get out of the box with your subscription - no pun intended.

Your own prizes

Days Off
Stock Options
Company Swag
Unused Exec Perks
Lunch with CEO
Your own vendors
Your own product

Our experience vendor network

Hi, I'm Amalie, the SurpriseHR Core Fulfillment Engine.

I'm an AI-powered bot that makes sure we can deliver a phenomenal employee experience at scale.

Reach out to the winner

I make sure every winner is assigned a personal experience concierge and reached out to within 15 minutes, with ongoing 24/7 phone support throughout their experience.

Auto-bid for experiences

I automatically manage our expansive partner network by allowing vendors to auto-bid for requested prize inventory to make sure you always get the best price for your experience.

Automatically book

I integrate with our experience vendors directly and arrange most fulfillment logistics automatically through APIs. From dinner reservations to flights, I do all the heavy lifting so you can relax and have an amazing time.

Identify amazing local prizes

I continuously monitor social media for events and experiences that people in different cities are buzzing about. When #hamiltonmusical is trending, I automatically add it to the prize menu in NYC.

Hi, I’m Maddy, your personal Experience Curator.

Because there is nothing like a human touch when it comes to saying thanks.

Coordinate with the employee

Do you have a day and two preferences on when you would want to go?
Do you require any special accomodations? Do you plan to bring guests?
I make sure all T's are crossed and i's dotted for an amazing experience.

24/7 support and feedback

From the minute you step into the Spa until the black car safely returns you home, I am here around the clock to make your experience even more special. I maximize every detail and add the small touches that really make an impact. If you ever have any questions or need assistance, I’m only a phone call, email, or text message away.

A Personal Employee Experience at
Enterprise Scale

Comprehensive Security

Data security is of utmost importance to SurpriseHR. In most use cases, no personally identifiable data is needed to get started on the platform. Regardless, we invest heavily in securing our infrastructure to make sure your private employee data remains private.
All private employee data is encrypted on disk with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines.
SurpriseHR platform’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting private employee data runs in separate hosting infrastructure, and doesn’t share any credentials with SurpriseHR platform’s primary services.
Regular third-party independent system penetration tests
SSO and dedicated hosting available for enterprise customers
SSAE18/SOC 1 type 1 and type 2 and SSAE18/SOC 2 type 1 reports
Tax licenses to operate internationally and fulfill prizes at scale

Rigorous Compliance

SurpriseHR has obtained regulatory licenses around the world to deliver a globally consistent celebration platform for even the largest and most complex organizations. Our platform is used by companies with highly decentralized and distributed teams to keep people engaged and mission-aligned.

Robust spend and tax reporting

You need a locally registered legal entity to issue gift cards and other discretionary compensation in mainland China. Our platform is tuned to report regional intricacies like the above and many more so your team can focus on celebrating what's important.

Turn-key Integrations BETA

Our powerful integrations help embed the SurpriseHR platform into your existing processes and tools for a seamless employee experience while automating many manual steps that used to take hours of time. Surprising your people has never been easier.

Data and Workforce Insights

Get to know your people

With a 98% average engagement rate with SurpriseHR across your workforce, you have a real opportunity to get to know your people and open a two-way channel of communication.

Make smart people decisions

Who are our best managers? How do people feel about working here? What can we be doing better? Are people reaching their full potential? With a treasure trove of data, you are empowered to make precise workforce changes.

Hear what our customers have to say…

"Thanks so much for the royal treatment for just doing what we're supposed to do as leaders."

Francine Betancourt
Network Engineer

"Thank you so much for making it such a special Valentines for us. It really was memorable."

Joe Weaver
Chief Development Officer

Add SurpriseHR to join the world's leading companies in harnessing science to celebrate your people like never before.